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Good music is a fundamental necessity in every designers playbook. As a creative who spends a large portion of my time in front of the glow of a computer screen, music can dictate my productivety and even govern my mood. When I first heard of the band TOO MANY ZOOZ I was immediately captivated by their new-school take on the traditional brass band. After abusing the play button on a few of their Youtube videos, I purchased their music off Bandcamp. Their debut self-entitled album TOO MANY ZOOZ is a treasure trove of creative ammunition from start to finish. Their sound just gushes New York - the band’s home turf and proving grounds, and brings to mind the bustling fast paced lifestyle that the iconic city is so known for. For me the upbeat bounce of their tunes, helps make even the most hectic days feel a little less stressful and little more exciting.


Perhaps Plato Said it best:

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”


Flight to the imagination… That line pretty much sums up my job description as a graphic and web designer.


With no trip to the Big Apple planned anywhere in my immediate future, I can’t simply go show my support at one of their acclaimed live performances (not unless they plan a tour to Canada anytime soon… *wink *wink *nudge *nudge), and the measly $5 that I spent purchasing their music, hardly seemed like a meaningful way to help out a fellow group of aspiring creatives. So I decided to show some love by doing what I do best, by creating something. With the album on loop, away I went. I came up with an idea for unique illustration that was greatly inspired by their album artwork. With colours sampled directly from their Bandcamp page, I illustrated each member of the band in a monochromatic style. I thought it might be cool to depict each performer evoking an iconic zoo animal from their instruments. We also worked in some music notes into the design. For Matt Doe, I tried to symbolize the roar of his trumpet in spirit of the lion. For the stylish Leo P on the Baritone Sax, I drew a swaggerful giraffe. Lastly, for the backbone, bass and thump of the band, I paired the King of Sludge with the presence of an elephant.


After finishing the art, I went ahead and sent it over to band to see what they thought. Not long after, the illustration was featured on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I guess that means they liked it.


From your friends at A4C, we’d like to say best of luck on your musical venture. May it give flight to the imagination of others, as it has my own.

Tyler Thurston // A4C

Haven’t heard of TOO MANY ZOOZ? You will. Trust me. Check out their Facebook and Soundcloud If you dig it then go show your support and buy their jams on Bandcamp.


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